Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Thor/Loki fic recs, part 1

Some of my followers asked me to make a list of my favorite Thor/Loki fics. Well, the list is long and I hope y’all enjoy these as much as I do. Ngl, most of the fics contain very explicit porn, tons of angst, wicked!Loki, woobie!Loki, pregnant!Loki, clever!Thor, stupid!Thor, berserker!Thor, non-con, hammer porn and many kinky and bizarre things. Man, I love this fandom :D

A Patience Required | Mature (contains spoilers for The Avengers)

In Plain Sight | Explicit

Bloody Boughs That Bend Unbroken | Explicit

In The Air Tonight | Explicit

Systolic Pending | Explicit (contains spoilers for The Avengers)

The Days Were Bright Red | Mature

Filthy Secret | Explicit

Untitled kinkmeme fill | Explicit

Mama I’m Strange | Gen

Taking Care | Mature

Apomixis | Mature (contains mpreg)

Spoils of War | Explicit

Wide Open | Mature

Keep Out The Cold, Stave Off The Nightmares | Gen

Stars Across His Vision | Mature

Of Desire | Mature

Golden Mouth | Mature

No Shame | Mature

Permission | Explicit

Just One Of Those Days | PG (contains mpreg)

The Prologue | Mature

You’re Going To Be Difficult | Gen (contains mpreg)

Apples, Wolf’s Teeth, A Weight Against The Fall | Explicit

And Those Who Fear Are Lost | Mature (contains spoilers for The Avengers)

It’s Good to be King | Explicit

Wicked Games | Explicit

Gobbledigook | Gen

Stimuli | Explicit

Untitled kinkmeme fill | Mature

Coming Clean | Explicit

For Queen and Country | Explicit (Victorian AU)

Distractions | Explicit

Won’t Be Held Down by Who I Used to Be | Explicit

And All The Towers Come Down | Teen


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